The best and easiest way to completely eliminate depression and neurosis without expense or danger is through dream interpretation.

You will understand what is wrong with you and how to cure yourself by interpreting your dreams. It can even cure physical problems, depending on your discipline. If you precisely follow the guidance you receive from the unconscious that is responsible for your dreams, you will receive therapy for all your diseases, only by interpreting your own dreams.

Why? The reason is the existence of a wild and violent conscience in your psyche that is constantly trying to cause craziness to your conscience. Therefore, everything in your life is related to this necessity: you have to save your conscience. This is the meaning of your life.

Everything that occurs to you reflects your mistakes. Diseases and depressions are the result of many serious mistakes. If you correct them, transform your psyche and eliminate the poisonous influence of the anti-conscience, you can recuperate your health. This is not my theory but a scientific fact that has already been proven in practice many times because thanks to this notion many people have been cured despite having no hope of ever regaining their health.

However, you don’t think you are making any mistakes and you cannot ascertain by yourself what you did wrong in your life. The wise unconscious will show you everything, explaining why you are wrong when you accept false ideas and guiding you so that you know where and how to find wisdom and peace.

Your depression or neurosis will be cured in a very short period of time, as soon as you start analyzing and comparing your dreams.

How does it work? This is very simple: you write down your dreams everyday and when you have time, study their symbols to translate and understand the hidden message in them. It’s like translating from one language to another, with the difference that you translate images into words.

You cannot understand how it really works: you have to see how things are in practice. When you try and understand your dreams everyday and see that there is a connection between them because the unconscious shows you everything in episodes, you will suddenly be enlightened. This will be like a discovery for you, like the “Eureka” (The term “Eureka” in Greek means “I found it!”).

The word Eureka is traditionally attributed to Archimedes, the great Greek engineer. It is said that he was working on a problem involving density (specifically on how to detect when gold, a dense metal, has been adulterated with silver, a less dense metal). He noticed that when something is immersed in water it pushes its own volume of water out of the way. The object he immersed was supposedly his body, and he is reputed to have run naked through the streets shouting, “Eureka!”

When you decipher the hidden meanings of your dreams, you will understand why everything is so difficult for you and how to overcome your fears, psychological problems, absurd tendencies, anxiety, depression, and everything else that distorts your personality and ruins your life.

You will suddenly understand everything together and see the solution you were looking for in front of your eyes, like Archimedes.

The information and the guidance you can have this way is priceless: it will not only save you from suffering but also guarantee happiness for life.

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