The need for Professional Conference Interpreter is increasing day by day as the growth in world trade. Increase in necessitate of working languages converting consecutive interpretation to Simultaneous interpretation rapidly

In the fast faced world we have very less time to go through the process to select an Interpreter, but this is unavoidable process and we need to make sure that our conference and speech has reached the delegates or Audience as fresh and accurate in our minds

The quality of interpretation is based on the model it is delivered to the audience with crisp and effective output.  The interpreter should be an acceptable speaker and evince the speech with life in it and very accurately with acceptable sentences and should make sense all the time

As you know the Conference Interpreter has very little time to actually work and deliver the interpretation and we need to provide him with all the documents of speech, Domain terminology and if possible a translation of same well in advance

Many interpreters claim to be a good at interpretation, but they lack in Domain expertise and good in their Language. A nonrecreational conference interpreter is one who has acceptable knowledge of utilizing the interpretation equipments, Best knowledge of the Language and Terminology for a careful domain

Generally we will have more than 1 interpreter available in the Booths, this will help them to work as a team and shift the interpretation between them. When you are not construing you necessitate to still take heed and make notes. This will assist the conference to have a conserved terminology utilized with appropriate sentences

Interpreter should be having more than 5+ years of experience and good command over working Languages



1.       Interpreters Experience

2.       Command over language and domain terminology

3.       Good speaker with efficacious speech in universal

4.       Availability of references for the past work executed

Article written by Mr. Ram Kesarwani, Director of Translation India offers simultaneous interpretation equipment for conferences, meetings and seminars from India

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