It is ever better to get the translation job done by an Aboriginal translator of the dwelling in the same country or in any part of the world but must have dwelt and educated in the country where the language is spoken, The Aboriginal translator ever brings the instinctive vocabulary while rendering the document may it be technological, effectual or aesculapian. The pricing depends on the inhabiting cost of a translator in that country and besides the kind of professionalism regard doing the job for an example a French translator living in Paris will be expensive as the cost of living in France is higher that the cost of dwelling in Senegal where French is major language.


When you are selecting a translator for a particular language for particular country then it better to find out in which countries the language is spoken like French , Spanish and German are spoken in many developing countries and the translation cost is very low in these courtiers compare to European countries so it is always advisable to find a translator  or agency  who live or work in any of the developing countries but keep in mind the trouble of connectivity  as well as if there is any  political unrest  they may cause the delay in deliveries.


The translator of any language should posses a very good English language knowledge as most of the time the intermediary language is English. It is also good to see that the translator is living in country where English is second language.


You may also be surprised to see that the cost of translation for African language is higher than the cost of European language even though Africa is developing or under develop countries the reason is very clear as talent pool of educated are less and many educated youth have not opted translation as their profession so the availability of translator in African language is less and the cost of translation is higher.


India  provides a best destination for most the translation activity as running a translation agency in India is selfsame low and project manager are available at very low-toned cost even though most of Indian translation agency higher European translator for European language, The still are cheaper compare to European translation agencies.

Article written by Mr. Ram Kesarwani, Director of Translation India – Providing German translation and Spanish translation services from India.

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