Article by Charlene Lacandazo

The world would be a lot more complicated if we did not have the support provided by interpreting services. All around the globe, companies offering interpreting services are commonly employed during business functions, government meetings and international seminars or workshops. The qualification and skills of these different interpreting agencies tends to vary from company to company. As a result of this, in order to ensure the best outcome, people will need to carefully review the qualifications of the different interpreting services before making a decision.

An easy way of gleaning some information about the services or qualification about a company is to review the company’s website. If the information on it is relevant and professionally done, instead of being disorganized and filled with outdated news, then some inference can be drawn about the organization and character behind the management of the company.

People will also be able to tell a lot by paying attention to the services being offered by different companies. As a rule, it is rarely advisable to choose interpreting services that will be unable to provide you with all the services that you require. Working with two or more different interpreting services on the same project will only lead to spells of confusions and complications.

Instead of making this mistake, you should search for companies that offer all the interpreting services that you are likely to need. For example, if you’re hosting an international seminar that will have Bulgarian guests, then you should search for interpreting agencies that have Bulgarian translators as well as the right interpreting equipment for the show and lastly, qualified professionals to man it.

When it comes to picking interpreters for an event, it helps to choose interpreting services that have translators who are not just familiar with the language but also familiar with the technical details of topics being discussed. A good interpreter should also be able to correctly convey the excitement and energy of the speaker without stripping the translated message of its original meaning.

Outside of your online evaluations, there are several questions that might want to consider asking your different potential interpreting services before making a decision. For instance, you should ask each of the different companies to provide you with the details of the experience that they have, if any, especially in your area of interest. In the case of the above example, if you were to find an agency that had already successfully completed multiple conference interpretation services for speakers from Bulgaria, then you would be more willing to consider hiring them.

Reviewing the feedback left behind by clients will give you some insight into the skills, professionalism and personality of the different translators working with an interpreting service. You should also check certification and recognition that the different services have received in recent times. Companies in possession of several certifications that have been issued by international organizations or awarded in recognition of their professional services will likely have a healthier record of service that you can rely on.

In the end, choosing the right services is not particularly difficult. It will however require a fair amount of patience, careful evaluation and the willingness to base your decision on quality over cost.

Charlene Lacandazo works for Rosetta Translation, a leading interpreting agency, specialising in German interpreting and Greek interpreting.

This is dedicated to all my interpreter and tranlator friends – no offence meant to anybody!
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