Question by TheCameraMan93: How to get rid of Whitesmoke Translator?
Ok, so I have the Whitesmoke Translator virus, and I can’t figure out how to get rid of it. I have tried Panda and Malwarebytes, but neither of those programs are helping. I tried using Add/Remove Pro (a tool the manufacturer of whitesmoke translator recommended to me after I sent them a complaint e-mail), but it won’t install because seemingly some type of access is denied. How can I get rid of this virus?

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Answer by frankg
Reboot PC and press the F8 key a couple of times before the Windows screen appears. Enter Safe Mode, or Safe Mode with Networking if you need network access) and download MalwareBytes from google ,Install it, modify, and run a full system scan. Remove everything it finds. Next, run a full antivirus scan with something like Microsoft Security Essentials .Auslogics disk defrag and Auslogics registry cleaner are very well and diet to keep you disinfecting and running good .all are free ,just google them

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