Article by Jamie Simpson

Improving Translations with Professional Services

With all of the modern improvements in communication and the falling prices of transportation, the world has become a much smaller place. In days long past, people could go their whole lives with only a minimum of contact with those who do not speak their language. Today, translations of documents, letters, and email are required more than ever, not only in business, but sometimes for personal travel and social interaction. It is possible to obtain a perfunctory machine translation online at no cost, but these translations are notorious for their inaccuracy. They cannot be relied upon in any circumstances. So far, computers have yet to achieve the understanding it takes to perform an accurate translation. Translations from professional services will vastly improve any other type of translation.

Professional translation services have only one downside: they are not free. These are businesses or individuals out to make a profit or a living from their vast knowledge of languages and cultural experience. However, anyone who has ever used a professional service will agree that any other translations simply cannot match. Of course, care must be taken to choose a truly professional service. Some translation services do not use existent, professional translators. They outsource their translations and are often unaware as to the ability of those performing the translations.

Bad translation services are easy to spot as long as you do a little homework on them. Customers who get poor translations or poor service are quick to tell the world via online reviews. It is also necessary to interview the translation service to get a little background information about them. Besides asking about a translator’s experience and personal background, it helps to discover if they hold college degrees in their non-native language and if they hold certification from the American Translators Association or another association specific to the country in which you reside.

Always try to find a translator who is a native speaker of your target language. This is recommended because a native speaker will not only know the language, but they will understand the culture behind the language. Knowing the cultural nuances of a language and all of the idioms in a language helps immensely in getting an accurate translation that relays the same feelings and tone of the original. If you find a translator that is not a native speaker, you should attempt to discover if they have undergoing living in the country where the language is spoken. Never accept a translation from someone who has not lived in the country for at least 10 years.

Once you find a translation service or individual translator that provides you with the level of service you require, it helps to stick with them for all of your translation needs. Once a working relationship is established, they will be good able to give you the best translations possible. If you maintaining going to new translation services, you may end up having to explain the type of translation you need each time.

After screening a translator for knowledge, experience, professionalism, and service, you will understand the benefits of using a professional complete free translations.

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