When we study the scriptures, if our intent is to try to interpret the meaning of the words we should understand a great deal of the scriptures are written using symbols to describe events or places. The reason for this is that the Lord in his wisdom knew that over the centuries names and places would off course change, so he prompted the writers to not only use symbols but also give hints as to the meaning of the symbols. If we try to interpret the scriptures without the help of the small still voice (Holy Ghost) that is when we show our lack of understanding of the picture that Heavenly Father puts before us.

The symbolism used in the scriptures is there to help us understand the meaning of a great part of the Bible, for instance a simple symbol given is the fig tree, the meaning of this is always Israel.  In Ezekiel 37 v1 -11 the Lord shows Ezekiel the meaning in regards to what he means by raising up the bones from the ground, it symbolizes the return of the Israelites to there land in these latter days (i.e. 1948). Interpreting the symbols in Ezekiel 38 we can receive a little help from Josephus the Roman historian, in his writing he mentions the land of the Scythians, they lived north of the great sea (Black Sea) this is the land of Magog, the people of Gog

The Book of Revelation is full of symbols, lets look at Chapter 8 v 11 the symbol given is a star who name is “Wormwood” and it tells of a third of the waters became bitter and men (women) died, It was not till a nuclear reactor exploded on April 26, 1986 in the Ukraine that people realized that the word “wormwood” when translated into Russian means Chernobyl.

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