The existence of the Sun is the right-down reason behind life on Earth. The lord Sun is depicted as beautiful, having square body, not much magniloquent, curly hair, full looking and rational, body color sinister crimson, potent bones, face color like to saffron, reddishness in eyes, bass voice, entire of valor and courage; and unagitated and unchanging in nature.  This symbolization of the Sun as a Human Being makes it easier to understand the implications of the Sun in the horoscope.


For example, if only the Sun is placed in the Lagna | Ascendant, most of the significations mentioned above will hold true for the native concerned.  If the Sun is placed in the 2nd house, then we can check these significations in the light of 2nd house significations.  Like the voice of the native, his eyes color and the face. If the Sun is placed in the 3rd house, then we can check these significations in the light of significations denoted by the third house i.e. initiative, courage, valor etc.  And, in the same way we can analyze and understand the implications of the Sun being placed in a specific house of the birth chart.

Given below are some more significations of the Sun, which can be used to identify and predict the influence of the Sun in the birth chart of a person.

Rank in the planetary cabinet –  King

Taste –  Bitter

Gender- Masculine

Clothing – Thick clothe

Direction – East

Metal – Copper and Gold

Absolute Signification – Soul

Element – Fire


Next thing to judge is the sign occupied by the Sun.  The Sun is in comfortable position in its own Sign i.e. Leo; in Aries the Sun is exalted while it goes in debilitation in Libra sign.  Apart from this, the Sun will be moderately comfy in the Sign of planets which are friendly towards the Sun; while the Sun will not be comfy in the Signs which are ruled by the planets having enmity towards the Sun.   The Saturn and Venus are inimical towards the Sun, and hence, Sun’s placement in the signs rules by Venus and Saturn i.e. Taurus, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius is not suitable for the Sun and the natal significations ruled by it.  The planets Mars, Moon, Jupiter and Mercury are friendly towards the Sun in decreasing order, and therefore, Sun’s placement in the signs ruled by these planets is favorable for the Sun to delineate its results upon the native concerned.

My name is Raj Shekhar Sharma age 38 years.  I am from Delhi, India.  I had a fascination for astrology since my childhood; and the domestic environment due to being born in a Brahmin Family has added to my passion for learning and understanding astrology in a rational way.  It took me around 16 years to get to an understanding of how and why astrology works, and what are its real applications.

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