Prior to trying to raise your credit score you You should get a hold of the basics. You definitely need to understand exactly what it actually is, how it’s derived, and why it is so essential to you and your future.

Creditors and lenders understand the type of info they can get from your credit report you yourself should also know to better prepare yourself for future financial decisions that you may come across. Here are a few easy tips to follow to help you understand the basics of your credit score.

Understanding where your credit score comes from!

if you plan on raising your credit then it is obvious that you have to understand what your score consists of. Without that knowledge you knock in and be very good at improving your score because you don’t understand things you do to affect your score in the first place.

For starters your credit score is just a number that determines how much of a risk lending you money would be. Your score is usually between 300 and 850. The higher your score the less of the risk you are considered. Also the higher your rating the better chance you’ll be given a lower interest rate. Scores in the 600s sometimes have trouble getting approved for credit cards and loans. While those in the 700s and of course 800s received the best interest rates available.

Although these numbers seem pretty concrete keep in mind that there are always open for interpretation. Some lenders are willing to work with those with lower credit scores while others have a cut off. Also some lenders will only view your score while others view you are score and report.

Your credit score of course goes hand in hand with your credit report, which is basically your financial history. Your score is derived from the information in your report. Remember that there are three major credit bureaus and they all have different formulas and possibly different information regarding your credit history in their databases. That is why it is recommended to review all three of your credit reports and scores.

If you do not have a current copy of your credit report then you should be ashamed. You can receive free credit reports online with the click of a mouse so there is no excuse. There is no better way to learn about credit then to view your own report. It is full of vital information and explains the good bad and the ugly of your previous financial situations.

The first step in taking command of your credit and your life is to find out where you stand. How’s your credit score? -600 Poor, 601-680 Fair, 700-774 Good, 775+ Excellent. Find out your score now! There are no excuse since you can get a Free Credit Score!

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