Web Site Traffic Analysis

There are no free tips out there that will help you understand how you are doing in your web site tweaks and initiatives. I took a meticulous analysis of my page view trends by listing down my daily performance and see how my tweaks worked.

My curiosity prompted me to see the outcomes of my effort. I also wanted to do things right at the start. I know that the primary source of traffic increase is in writing more articles but I believe it pays to examine how traffic behaves at each tweak I employ. This leads to better understanding and provides focus on which things really have to be given more attention.

The following trends, derived from the analytics function provided by some publishers, are baseline information useful in understanding traffic trends so appropriate steps can be made by the website developer or just the ordinary blogger.

1. The Normal Trend.

When I say normal, this trend is that of a typical, consistent writer. Regular articles are posted and there are no sudden page view increases. Traffic goes up and down, slightly deviating from an average daily trend. The more articles you have, the higher the amount of traffic. This means that if you are a consistent writer, in the long run, you will be able to beat someone who had spurts of traffic but have only low daily page views during ’normal’ times.

2. The Startup Trend.

This is how visit trends behave during those first few articles posted. So very few views and sometimes no view at all.

3. No Post Trend

When you post nothing, there are very few views with abrupt, but still minimal views. This is also a trend that discourages many bloggers thinking blogging has no reward at all since only very few earnings can be derived anyway. Time to quit for some.

4. The Erratic Writer’s Trend

This reflects a very inconsistent traffic reminiscent of an irregular writer. At some points articles are posted, traffic increases, goes down in no article days, then goes up again when new articles are posted.

5. Midway and Website Launching Trend

This happens when more content is inputted websites or blogs.  The sudden spurt in this graph is a lucky streak of an article posted. You’ll never know which article will get more page views, but putting more content increases this chance.

6. The Handlebar Trend

Worthwhile articles submitted in series can cause this trend. Also being in the Hot Content list can contribute to this trend. This trend also happens when somebody e-mails the link to the article found useful. Or an article gets popular in Twitter or similar social networking sites.

7. The Mountain Trend

Traffic peaks up at a sharp angle at a certain point in this trend then also goes down gradually in almost the same manner as when it picked up. This followed the Handlebar Trend I just described. As a result of the sudden increase, more readers see articles written by an author. Thus, increased pageviews are maintained.

8. The Golf Club Trend

Many Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies boast this kind of trend. They flout that they can bring traffic to this trend in no time. It starts with an gradual increase in trend then goes up in a logarithmic manner in later periods. The general appearance is that of a golf club.

9. The Pointed Knife Trend

There is a sudden increase in traffic in a day which abruptly returns back to ‘normal’ the next day. This may be attributed to an article that gets to the front page of a social networking site or a major feature site.

Among these trends, I believe the ideal trend to achieve is a normal trend with consistently high daily page views. And this is achievable with diligence, patience and consistence in publishing articles as well as employing simple marketing strategies. After doing these things, following a simple formula will boost writing performance: more consistently published articles, more consistent page views, thus more consistent income.But it would be great to experience the exceptional, high page view trends once in a while.

There are many ways to improve website traffic. Those that I implemented are the following which saw improvements on my page views:

1. Market my articles in Blogger, Booksie or Red Gage and of course here at Bukisa.

2. I submitted my articles to Stumble Upon.

3. I subscribed in Traffic Outbrain after seeing in my analytics page that it was the major referring site.

4. I restructured my website, Palawaniana, by reducing the bounce rate, meaning less visitors exit from my homepage by putting in attractive pictures to click.

5. I created four blogs in Blogger highlighting the specific areas of my articles.

Written by P2trick