Day after day, economics news about China struck the headlines of foreign press. It apprears that no organisation, company with international ambitions would yield not to be in China as China go second ample world economics

A large number of business people from abroad traveled to China to looking for business opportunities, visiting suppliers, buisness partners, clients, interaction in China with factory owners and other high-level personnel etc. Undoubtedly, an actual visit to the country can help one to quickly ramp up relevant country knowledge and to even initiate a profitable business relationship with a Chinese partner. However, if one does not set up for the trip carefully, a first-time visit can easily be turned into a bootless and uneconomical exercise


We show you tips on how to plan for your first business trip to China



Plan well before china visit

1. Ensure you have utilized for a visa to travel to China
2. Change plenty of Reminbi notes as credit cards and US dollars are not widely accepted
3. Reserve hotel rooms and domesticated air tickets ahead especially if travelling during blessed travel peak periods in China.
4. Prepare a little medical kit as you may fall ill from the localised food or from too much agitated travel
5. Have an accessible English to Chinese phrase book as most Chinese do not talk nor understand English
6. Get an utilitarian business steer on insider steer to Chinese business culture
7. Prepare mentally that some parts of China will be herded, nosiy and filthy
8 Hire a qualified Chinese interpreter to escort you during china business trip



Plan your schedule


Always plan well ahead

Where possible, avoid planning any kind of travel on the three golden weeks in China;

1. Two weeks during Chinese New Year (Likely to be advanced January or aboriginal February each year)
2. The first week of May (May day holidays)
3. First week of October (National Day holidays)

These are weeks where every Chinese would also be on holidays. This create an astounding crush on air, land and sea transport systems as well as hotels, restaurants and tourist sights. Always plan for trips before or after the blessed weeks and never during, unless you don’t mind being oppressed by millions of Chinese on holiday as well

If you are travelling to a particular city, do check that there is no major trade convention or exhibition going on in that city. If you happen to travel during a better event, chances are, you will not be able to get a hotel room or a plane ticket. Of course, if you are travelling specially for that major event, than you will still necessitate to go but do book aboriginal and be set up for jacked up hotel prices

Some of these major Chinese conventions and exhibitions include the annual Import-Export Fair in Canton, Fashion Fair in Dalian, International Investment Fair in Xiamen, World Business Convention in Shanghai, Enterprise IT Fair in Beijing etc

These exhibition and trade fairs would be a good place to pick up new business contacts, suppliers and customers


Landing at airport


Chinese businessmen are very hospitable and most of the time, they will insist on meeting and picking you up from the airport if you have prior arrangements with your Chinese business counterparts. Most major Chinese airports are at least one hour or more from the city and hence, it is wise to advize your flight details and arrival time way before you travel so that your Chinese counterpart can make early arrangements

If there are no one picking you up from the airport, then make sure you have your hotel or the business address of your business contacts readily available and preferably written in Chinese characters before arriving in China

If you have not booked a hotel, then approach the travel desk of the airport and book directly at the travel desk. Prices are usually better than walk-in rate and there is usually a complimentary ride to the hotel

Otherwise, just join the taxi line and show the taxi driver your hotel name and address, preferably again in Chinese characters. Taxis are meter regulated and taxi drivers are generally not out to cheat by taking longer routes

Private touts may approach you at the airport or your hotel. Avoid these touts at all cost


Plan youritinerarywith your Chinese business counterpart


Plan your time wisely if you are meeting your Chinese business contacts or visiting business premises. Business discussions in China be given to be at a slower pace than what we are utilized to and often abundant lunches and dinners are part and parcel of a business discussion

Hence, plan for twice as long as what you may normally expect that event to last. If the business premise is not in town, be set up for a few hours of driving as it would not be astonishing if the nearest blue-collar park or city is a few hours drive away

If your Chinese counterpart do not have an in-house translater but depends on a part-time translator, be prepared for atrocious translation and lost messages. Try to convey your personal translator or engage a measured up translator in China

After work entertainment is considered part of the Chinese business culture and it would be rude to turn it down. Be set up to return to your hotel advanced every night with abundant dinner, dense imbibing and a dose of karaoke singing shed in


Hire a qualified interpreter for your first business trip to China


In today’s globalized economy, one cannot down play the significance of translation services during overseas trips. To make your business trip a success you necessitate to communicate with your latent customers in their personal language. By communicating with them in their own language, you can gain their trust and their business as well



China’s authorised language is Mandarin, you should be set up for the possibility in Chinese business life that the person you are talking to does not have an accomplished command of the English language. Beware: your Chinese counterparts with acceptable command of composing EnglishGood command of talked English. Having the ability to communicate effectively through a superior interpreter is acute

Rely on an amateur or simply an incompetent interpreter can be a nightmare to your business trip in China and in fact this could completely messed up up even the most carefully been after business trip


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