Question by JOB: how to start an online translation business?
Hi. I am from Ethiopia and I recently started a translation business. I wanted to expand it to overseas clients through the internet and I’ve started browsing some websites like Proz. I would appreciate it if anyone with experience in this business can give me some advice on how to acquire clients, the ups and downs, etc.

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Answer by wmw71190
There are a few steps to starting a website:

1. Get a domain name.
2. Get a web host
3. Develop or buy a template
4. Create content within the template.
5. Promote the site (SEO, PPC Ads, E-Mail campaigns, etc)

The process will take a few months, but you can get it up with a small amount of money if you are smart about what you are doing. My advice is, if you have the funds, hire someone to complete the process for you. It will give you more time to build your business offline while it is being put online.

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