Question by prashant_kadam86: How to translate Assembly language program to C language program for a timer circuit?
I am trying to make a timer circuit with the help of 89c52 micro controller. I have one assembly language program, but the creating by mental act kit supports only to C language. I desire to interpret assembly program to C program so that I can use it for the above adverted micro controller. If anyone of you cognize how to translate, then delight do state me. Thank you. If any other information you necessitate tied in to the circuit please inquire about it.

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Answer by colanth
If the compiler supports inline assembly, just use that:#asm#endasmOtherwise, the only way is to write a timer program using your knowledge of the 89C52 architecture. (It’s a lot easier in assembly than in C, since C has very little to do with the chip.)

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