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is the simply software in the market that translates Your Blogger blogs to do it uncommitted in 9 other languages? And when we state interpret, we do not intend the gawky way that the other language translators run, that is by generating dynamical urls like french.php?u=http://seo.blogger.com/1/SeoTips.html for Your enlightening posts. This is exactly what the search engines detest and do hence Your other language pages do not get indexed at all.

AutoSiteTranslator would rather do the same thing in a clean way so that Your other language pages will have urls that look like http://seo.blogger.com/fr/1/SeoTips.html for the French version. Now how clean is that? ! This immediately gives You a major advantage over Your ordinary language translator in that Your other language pages can be indexed by the Search Engines and hence the traffic to Your blog starts increasing exponentially and hence Your Adsense revenue multiplies.

Now I am going to take You through the few simple steps to translate Your Blogger blog into 9 different languages. First things first, login to Your copy of Auto Site Translator using the username letmetranslate and whatever password You have kept for Your copy.

Now You must be seeing the Projects screen. Click on the Projects Menu on the top. Then Click on New Project. It should display a tabbed display page where You will be specifying the translation settings. You can see four tabs a Site Info, Translation, Options, and Affiliate

Now, suppose You have a Blogger blog intfo.com with FTP user name username and password as pass.

In the Site Info Tab, make one entry telling this piece of information, in the following way


If You desire to add a second site you can do so by adding another entry just below this one, with the same format.

But here we stick to one blog for simplicity.

After making this entry, click on the Translation Tab. Now leave the default selection for the source language as English.

And check all the languages that are displayed for the target language option.

Now coming to the Options Tab, AutoSiteTranslator has an unique feature that sends a notification email on successful translation of your website. This email would give you the snippet that you can include on your main site to link to the translated pages.

Give your email address in the notification email field.

Now for the Source Directory, since you want to translate your blog from the root, you can leave this field blank. So, AutoSiteTranslator would setup the translation for the pages and sub-folders starting from the root of your domain, i.e. intfo.com/.

To access your other language pages, You have the option to specify a folder, relative to the root from where you can access the translated pages like http://www.intfo.com/language/fr/seo/Seo_Tips.html for the French translated page, http://www.intfo.com/language/de/seo/Seo_Tips.html for the German translated page etc.

In that case, for the language directory field, you would be specifying language as the value or You can make them available on the grow itself. Then the urls will look like http://www.intfo.com/fr/seo/Seo_Tips.html , http://www.intfo.com/de/seo/Seo_Tips.html, in which case you will have to leave the language directory blank.

Well, you be surprised to hear if I say that pretty much what you have to say to Auto Site Translator to translate your entire blog. Well, its that easy and I bet it can get better than this.

Now, click on Create Project at the bottom correct corner and you have created a new project to translate Your Blogger blog.

You can now see a new entry in the Main Screen corresponding to this project. You can also see an Execute link to the side of the projects Options.

Click on the Execute link once, and you will be taken to the execution page in a couple of seconded, where it would say a Site Successfully Translated in bold. That as it. Your Blogger blog has been successfully translated by Auto Site Translator. Now You know how easy it is to translate Your Websites using Auto Site Translator. The speed with which Your sat are translated can be attributed to the advanced caching and mod-rewrite techniques used by Auto Site Translator. Hence Your translated website would occupy no extra placed at all. The only space that is consumed is that of the cache when it gets populated as and when users request the other language pages on your blog.

And You would also be able to see a neat snippet on the execution page for the current site. This contains the links to the translated language pages on Your blog. You can either copy and use this on your websites directly or take the one sent to your email address. You can click on NextSite button on the right-hand bottom corner to finish the project and return to the Main Screen.

Well, that as pretty much I have for this newsletter that I wanted to tell You. Hope the information provided above is useful to get all Your Blogger blogs translated seamlessly, get indexed by search engines and get Your AdSense revenues multiplied.

If You want to get Your copy of Auto Site Translator, I would advise You to do so now, and avail of the special offer of just /- for Your copy of AutoSiteTranslator.

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