How to Use Google as Translator Engine

If you want to translate, you can use free translator engine, called “Google Translate” by Google. The following tips are presented for you.

Prepare softcopy of the text you want to translate. Softcopy is helpful because you will frequently copy and paste the text during this translation process.


What is the language of source text? To which language do you desire to translate the text? Select the language in “translate from” and “interpret to” to determine the language of source text and target language.

Copy sentence by sentence or paragraph by paragraph and then paste to the box in on ‘Google Translate’ page. It is better to do it step by step, alternatively of uploading overall document because you necessitate to watch the accuracy of translation.

Click the add translate and you will see the result

If you work with Microsoft Word or Open Office, do not copy and paste the result directly to your word processor page because you will also copy the box and pictorial content to your page. You should copy and initially paste the result to Note Pad of Windows or Text Editor in Ubuntu in order to make the text neutral and free from pictorial content. Then, copy the text from Note Pad or Text Editor and paste to the page in Microsoft Word or Open Office.

Due to the fact that “Google Translate” is only translation machine, which cannot translate accurately complicated aspects of human language, you must check whether it has translated accordingly and edit if necessary. Check whether sentence pattern, jargon, and style are appropriate.

If you are not satisfied with the translation result by Google, you can snap “contribute a better translation” under the translation result on “Google Translate” page for Google’s improvement.

Written by purnomosidhi

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