Question by happyclouds173: How to write an essay on the sociological interpretation of a movie?
I have no clue where to begin, can anyone give me any examples or ideas?

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Answer by GeorgieGuy
Hi Clouds,
First pick a movie that you really like and with which you’re very familiar. For example, “Twilight.” Next select a few basic sociology concepts to apply to your analysis of the movie. For example, you could use norms, roles, stratification, and master status. Then point out how each of these concepts are illustrated by what happens in the movie. For example, describe how the norms of the vampire family influence how they behave with one another and with outsiders. Or how various students in the movie are identified by the social strata they occupy. Does Bella’s status within the school change when she and Edward show up at school together? Is Edward being a vampire a master status? If so, how does it influence the roles he plays with outsiders? With his family members? What are the norms that Bella and Edward are following once Bella realizes he’s a vampire? Etc. Regards.

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