Question by Praful: How would I explicate both sides of this interpretation?
This is the interpretation:After a decade of intense conflict, exacerbated by strong differences of opinion over maintaining our neutrality with regard to the Anglo-French wars, Jefferson, Madison and their supporters prevailed and hoped to put an end to both “factions” and Hamilton’s policies. Ironically, Madison and his supporters not only found it necessary to go to war in 1812 to defend our neutral rights, in the aftermath of that war they abandoned their previous scruples about strengthening the power of the central government and embraced many of the measures they had so strongly opposed in 1790 and 1791, including a protective tariff and a Second Bank of the United States. What would I have to talk about, I’m not asking you to fully give me the answer, but could you guide me the right way. i.e. basic outline, topics, etc.

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Answer by RayHere
We had the war of 1776 for our independence The war we declared in 1812 was to stop the Brits from boarding our ships on the high seas,,,and they did ….Texas tried to enter the union and was refused as we were a slave state only after the brits tried to ally with us did they let us inWe had our civil war and the brits were supplying the south They also invaded Mexico along with the French and Spanish and were told it was an act of war the brits and Spain left as toldMy point is we had part of their empire north of us they were powerful at the time we had for a time try too stay out of war with them until we grow to the point that was no longer neededOf course the Brit did not want to let go of any part of their empire

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