Question by NevilleLongbottomPwn: How would I find a good piece for Prose Interpretation for a speech competition?
I’m a freshman joining the debate team and unsure of what falls under the Prose category, as well as where to look to find it. Poetry Interpretation is also a category I’m considering. My state unite Prose and Poetry into a single category. So any ideas of what and where to get as a piece. I’m opened to anything (amusing, drama, yadayada)thanks!!!

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Answer by Mariah
Look through literature anthologies; I found mine in my freshman year English book. I utilized Casey at the Bat, which is always really fun, as well as a Pablo Neruda poem. Also, I used an excerpt from a book I considered. Think of books you love and seek to happen things from them. Ideas:Pablo NerudaCasey at the BatMiddlesexPrep Shel SilversteinLangston Hughes

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