Question by ♫ Leah ♪: How would you translate these questions to french without translation sites?
1) What kind of relationship did you have with the boy and his father?2) Why was it that you were wearing one of their sweaters one night?3) Where have you been living most recently?4)Have you ever ha problems with these people? Im NOT allowed to use Translation sites.So any tips to how i can inquire them correctly in a grade 9 level?Sooo very took account!

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Answer by ♫♥єℓℓιιєє♫♥
1) Quel genre de relation aviez-vous avec le garçon et son père?2) Pourquoi était-il que vous ne portiez un de leurs chandails une nuit?3) Où avez-vous vécu le plus récemment?4) Avez-vous déjà des problèmes ha avec ces gens?Im Taking French In Gcse LuvvvIm Not Wronggggxoxoxo;]Pleaseee Give Me Best AnsweerrCheers! ;]

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