Which is funnier: the script or the performer? This older question causes headaches among all HI performers as they search for a script. Do you appear for something that is humourous as you scan it? Should you think about how it would be executed and see if the performance adds any humor? How does timing and characterization impact the humourous? All of these questions weigh upon a HI performer. Drama can often be easygoing to find out whether or not it is an acceptable piece to execute. Did it make you think and elicit the emotions? Yes? Then you have a selection. Humor can be more ambitious because everyone’s definition of what is funny, esthetic, or moving is all antithetic. Thus, most HI performers happen themselves appearing for a piece that is funny on paper in the hopes that a funny script is the answer to success. Sorry. That philosophy is simply not truthful

In the realm of comedy there are many ways to get a laugh and graded well. A script should have constructed in humourous lines, or situations, so as you scan you can laugh at the script itself. This is comedy after all. Most often when a script is not entertaining on paper it most probable will be less entertaining to the audience. There are exceptions, but on the entire if a script has not done you to even smile it should be chucked

There are situations where the script itself is “artful” and causes clement laughter but you may be ambivalent if it is the riot you care to convey to Forensics. In situations much as this it is acceptable to conceive of the performance. What can you do with timing, characterization, voices, protruding, etc to bring this to life? Imagine possibilities and think about how the performance factor can turn a satisfactory script into something impressive

Remember, most scripts were created not to be scan but to be executed. The performance factor may be big. For instance, “Pirates of Penzance” is moderately humourous on paper; dwell, and with able performers, it can be one of the most pleasing comedy, operas you can see

And if you think that how well you rank is tied in directly proportionally to how many chuckles you get you are improper. There is more to chew over when you get down to execute in HI. Sure, people should laugh at your performance. That’s why you are executing comedy and not drama. However, laughter is not the only factor that is being evaluated. There are characterization, interpretation, protruding, vocals, gestures, how fresh your performance is, and more to consider when ranks are involved

A factor you may not have considered is the substance of the piece. You could be the funniest performer in the pear-shaped, but if your performance offers little substance you may not acquire over your judges. You desire them to laugh, but you also desire to touch their core and travel them

So back to the avant-garde question: which is funnier, the script or the performer? It all is a matter of the apropos balance of both along with the detailing of outside variables that impact a HI (interpretation, fresh pops, vocals, etc). Every piece will be antithetic established on the material and performer combination. Where one performer may stand out another may fall. Know your abilities and style of humor and appear for a piece that accentuates them. User discretion is reded

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And above all, have fun!

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