Question by jrico061981: I construe for a few law offices. How do I market myself as an Independent Spanish Interpreter?
I’m an Independent Contractor Spanish Interpreter/Translator in Minnesota. I have superior qualifications, but it’s been ambitious to gain clients independently. I’m also an excellent sales person, which my clients will testify. My schedule is very elastic so I’m appearing to make money.

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Answer by purdles
Hi, have you advertised? A friend of mine was a translator and she got quite a bit of referrals from the courts that would be a good place to advertise. Contact someone there in the clerk’s office and inquire whom you should talk with.Do you have business cards? A website? Promote yourself, advertize wherever you think your services are necessitated.Apply with the state and county departments to work for the cultural departments. There’s so much opportunity for you, I can’t conceive of you having an arduous time.Please check up on out my blog for tips on commercializing your little business for loose or affordable. You may happen something that will utilize to your careful line of service.Good luck!

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