Question by Simone S.: I’m Brazilian but I want know if there(in Eua) a professional translator and interpreter has a good salary?
I live in Brazil and I want to do this corse of Translator and Interpreter here, but I want to know if the opportunities to a professional of this area is good there??
My dream is to live there.


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Answer by Doethineb
Some people who do such a course find that they do very well by taking the entrance exam for an international organisation and becoming an established member of the translation team. However, one doesn’t need to be much of a mathematician to see that only a small minority will achieve this. The others have to look for such openings as are available or work as freelance translators/interpreters.

Sadly, this is an area in which businesses tend to economise in times of recession. Businesses which used to have a small team of translators will now send their work out to be done or rely on someone in-house who is competent enough to do translations as part of his or her other duties. Because everyone is so cost-conscious, translators have not been able to raise their charges to keep pace with inflation. There is also the matter of currency exchange rates. You might, for example, have been working happily enough for a business in Portugual and earning Euros and it might occur to them that by sending the work over to one of your friends in Brazil, it would cost them less. A great deal of work is now done in India, where translators can afford to work for very little. The quality might not be the same, but the cost saving (to the minds of the people concerned) more than makes up for this. Remember Goa!

I am very much in favour of people following their dreams and doing what they want to do in life. Don’t let me put you off. But I would urge you to be rational in your career planning and to consider if there is another career which would earn you a steady living while you tried to establish yourself as a translator and interpreter and, perhaps, enable you to learn good background vocabulary so that you may have some specialised field to offer. The best translators tend to be those who are qualified both as translators/interpreters and as professionals in some other area.

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