Question by mayraespinoza1989: in which career do you help out the most? Speech language pathologist or sign language interpreter?
Which one has an opportunity of increasing the chances of improving and changing the lives of others?

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Answer by cantilena91
By far, speech-language pathologist. Because in that occupation you need to be able to give voice therapy (hoarse people, etc.), stuttering/stammering therapy, aphasia (post-stroke) therapy, dyslexia therapy, dysphasia therapy, articulation therapy, dysarthria therapy, examine and treat swallowing disorders, guide people to use alternative/augmentative communication methods, work with hard-of-hearing/cochlear implant users, work with autistic/mentally retarded people, people with cerebral palsy, evaluate & treat children with delayed/deviant language development, work with premature babies (feeding/language development) as well as with children with cleft/lip palate problems (feeding/speech development), etc.

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