Rouen, France (Inttranews): Covering every area related to interpretation, translation and the language industry in general, today’s list of international tenders contains 8 RFPs. Globalization Canada – Rebranding, Visual Identity, Website Redesign and Development Services ________________________________________ Conference interpretation United States – Outreach and Education Services for the CDC/Niosh World Trade Center Health Program ________________________________________ Conference Translation United States – Construction Services, Electrical Upgrade at the American Embassy Cairo, Egypt ________________________________________ Interpretation services United States – Translation and Formatting of Statue of Liberty National Monument Unigrid Brochu ________________________________________ Remote video interpreting United States – Preventive Maintenance and Repair of Cranes, Hoists, and Lifting Devices. ________________________________________ Translation services France – France-Basse-Terre: Publishing services Peru – Translation services
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