Rouen, France (Inttranews): Covering every area related to interpretation, translation and the language industry in general, today’s list of international tenders contains 15 RFPs. Signed language interpretation Multi-country – BID 11/14 – Tourism Security Program: Specialized Tourism Security Training in Mexico United States – broadcast Journalist (Tv) Voa Persian – Jerusalem ________________________________________ Conference Translation United States – PM DCGS-A, Counterintelligence (CI)/Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Automated Reporting and Collection Systems (CHARCS), and Machine Foreign Language Translation Systems (MFLTS) Engineering Support Services United States – VOA Affiliate Conference – Indonesia ________________________________________ Certified translation Madagascar – Madagascar-Antananarivo: Security services for the Delegation of the European Union in the Republic of Madagascar (reference No EEAS-363-DELMDGA-SER-FWC) Real-time captioning United States – Transcription and real-time Captioning services ________________________________________ Desktop publishing France – France-Marseille: Typing, word-processing and desktop publishing services ________________________________________ Transcription Services United States – Dictation and Transcription Services United States – E14PS00055 BPA for Video Transcription Services United States – NPS Oral History Digitization & Transcription Services ________________________________________ Translation services Kenya – Provision of Editing, Design & Printing Services Mexico – Management-related services Mexico – Management-related services Mexico – Management-related services ________________________________________ Translation Belgium – Belgium-Brussels: 14.CAT.OP.063 EU multimodal transport hub — phase 2: supporting activity
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