You can easy become your ain dream expert. It’s a fun, exciting process that has benefits for all areas of your life: career, personal, health, relationships, and yet money.


Dreams are a resource that is easily tapped and all too often, unused – or underused at best.People who say they don’t dream or don’t remember their dreams are simply unaccustomed to using their dreams as a tool. And, since dreaming is a natural state, something that comes from within, all it takes to begin using this tool is the desire to do so and knowing where to start.Here are 3 easy steps to get you started:


1.       Set the intention to remember your dreams and then relax about itIf you’re one that consider you don’t dream, think again. You may not remember your stargaze until now, but you do dream. Dreams are a function of the brain. You dream. So, you don’t have to try to dream, you just set the intention to remember your dreams.Then relax about it.If you tell yourself over and over, “I don’t dream” or “I don’t remember my dreams” then guess what? You aren’t going to think your dreams. Your brain will believe what you tell it repeatedly.If you don’t recollect right off, and you may not, that’s okay. Just set the intention (or desire), and let it go. Expect to remember. You are in control of you. You want to remember, so you will.I’ve seen it take a couple of months for someone to start remembering their dreams. It may take less time or more. The amount of time it takes has less to do with your ability to dream than it does with your beliefs about your ability to remember them.


2.       Consult Yourself First by Asking QuestionsConsult yourself FIRST…no one, no book, and no thing can tell you more about yourself than YOU.This step is one way that dreams take to greater knowledge of self and an immense amount of confidence. You’ll commence to see that you are, indeed, an authority in your life, that you have immense drive.I’m not going to tell you that a snake means evil or a sword means sex. I’m travel to tell you to pay attention to various elements and interpret these elements for yourself.Stop looking elsewhere for answers…Jesus aforementioned, “The kingdom of heaven is WITHIN.” Not only is the kingdom of heaven within – so are all the answers you seek. It’s a matter of bringing what’s inside to the outside.Ask yourself: What do I think the dream means? What was the dog in my dream trying to tell me? Why do I keep dreaming about being on a farm?When you inquire questions, you get answers. What’s more important is that you make yourself unbar to answers.


3.       Design your own dream dictionaryThis takes time, but is well worth it. Yes, certain symbols may cross culture to culture. Horses have a tendency to be related to freedom and power and grace…but, if you were terrified of horses as a child, then that might not be the case for you.If certain animals, stones, people, or symbols, show up in your dream, before you consult a dream dictionary, ask yourself what it means for you.If you don’t feel confident that you’ll “get it right”, then just ask what feeling you get off of the object or animal then feel free to consult the dream dictionary. But, know that if the book’s interpretation doesn’t feel right to you, it probably isn’t.This does not have to be a chore. You don’t even have to write things down. I have a client who, after a time, noticed that she was dreaming of getting engaged. This was a repeated event and therefore worth noting and paying attention to both the similarities and differences of each engagement in the dreams.If something is repeated, there’s a reason. 


The first step in becoming your own dream expert is to start paying attention. These are the ways you begin that process of awareness. Ideally, it will be both fun and educational. 


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