Question by David L: interpretation??
ok i had this dream the other day and i dreamt that i was flying to australia again for a second time ( i went there this summer), yet, whenever we took away, a lady dropped away the wing of the plane and we had to land in downtown hollywood. we landed and there was a large group of people that were looking over the body of the woman but i didnt desire to stare although i could glimpse her through a gap. Then a news helicopter came over the top of the building and then i was stargazing like i was watching the news. I could glimpse myself standing outside of an apartment building. I ran inside because that building passed to be where my apartment was and i ran upstairs to see with my roommate ( a person who ive ne’er seen before in my life, and i dotn have a roomate…im 17) and he stated me to go into this sinister room with him and then i woke up………..any assist at all would be greatly appreciated! oh and besides, the lady that dropped was stated to make on by someone i knew but forgot who they were

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Answer by Jessie love this site. You can look up feelings color,objects , and more.

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