Question by nessy1813: interpretation?
well, my neighbor is 22, im 14, he is super nice, and i play a lot of sports at school, so, a lot of times after school, he has invited me to go with him and practice, we hav a good time and stuff, so its all good, and i was talking to my friends about him, b cuz, he is old enough to take us to a park or something if they come over, just so we can hav something to do after school, and they said things like “wow thats ceepy” “i wouldn’t hang out with him if it was just you two” and things like that, so i was just thinking about why on earth they would think that way, because he is a friend/neighbor who i have known for three years, and 3 days later, after i had completely gotten the thought out of my head, i had a dream he was trying to rape me! it was really scary, i didnt dream too far(i woke up b4 anything serious happened)but it was just the thought of it, and i am having a hard time acting normal around him now, was it bad of me to dream a thing like this?thnx 4 ur helpGod Bless!

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Answer by ebmid2
It’s not bad to have bad dreams. But it’s bad to let them negatively affect your life. They’re just dreams.

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