Question by Numen: Interpretation?
Last night I was looking at a book in my dream and Dragons were on the front. They came to life and suddenly I was in the book. A loved one was flying on the back of a bird and the Dragon flew around a black mountain and swallowed him or her. I decided to fly into the mouth of the Dragon and found myself in it’s belly with my friend or family member (not sure). They said they had to escape and I said that the Dragon would shut it’s mouth if we stepped on it’s tongue. He said he had to try anyway. He or she went on and I stood in the belly until I felt the heat rise and I decided to try to escape. He flew out of the mouth on the bird and the Dragon chased him. I watched the whole thing through his teeth. I felt flames coming from behind and tried to escape without success and the dragon chased more and I tried to escape several more times without success and I woke up.

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Answer by Corinne M
a fear that you perhaps previously thought was unreal, is maybe materealizing somehow. you feel like you need to save or rescue people around you, like maybe there is some pressue put on you. Or maybe it’s your own idea of what people expect from you. Maybe you also have a fear that you’re not able to live up to expectations or do what you need to do. Maybe you feel like you live in someone elses shadow? The dragon could represent the fear in your mind that you know is real but no one else recognizes. And your subconscious could be telling you that you are allowed to ask for help, you dont have to do everything alone.

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