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Some Recent insurgent things, the people confused. Li Shi Zhen’s Ben Cao Gang Mu mentions the milk’s nutritionary value, but it has late been some doubt, it was proposed that “noxious of milk.” Result, many people, including the cosmopolitan public and the media have some confusion, in the end Can imbibing milk to drink a lot?

Point one: the benefits of lots of milk proteinBeen suggested that milk proteins can lead to excess. First, we advocate that the protein is not excessive, this view holds. But the problem is if someone is not the so-called milk protein caused by excessive, according to conventional milk volume will not cause too much protein? Speaking of which contain milk protein, but which contain milk proteins and other common food of the same amount to the comparison, we find that contain milk protein not a so-called high-protein food. 100 grams of the same food inside, milk contains only 3 grams, Rice Is 7 to 8 grams Flour About 10 grams, soy, eggs, pork, shrimp, seafood and other than milk ranged from 3 to 5 times higher. We usually drink a bag of milk is about close to 250 ml, which contains the total protein is about 7 to 8 grams a day is to drink a bag of milk intake of 7 to 8 grams of protein. Then 7 to 8 grams of protein is high or too low? We look at the amount of people need protein. 60 kg body weight according to a person calculated in accordance with the Nutrition Society of China announced in line with our population characteristics of the recommended dietary standards, one kilogram of body weight to 1 gram of protein, then 60 kg person, one day need about 60 grams of protein, as a some cases may go up or down. 250 ml milk, into the amount of drink is 7 to 8 grams, is averaging 7.5 grams of protein, accounting for the national recommended standard of 10% protein to 12.5%, in other words the milk protein as a provider, it provides the overall protein the proportion of inside is not high. If someone says something to eat as I eat high-protein, protein excess, and definitely not caused by drinking the milk come. At least said it was not caused by normal drinking milk bag. In other words, the so-called milk lead to excessive protein is clearly untenable.

People will look at the problem extended, the so-called milk protein 3 times higher than breast milk is difficult to digest, your attention must not be confused, for it is a sentence targeted at infants aged less than one year of age infants We advocate the use of meeting-feeding, this time if you use milk protein, which may arise such a problem. But except for one other than the age of infants, especially in adults with this sentence is clearly inappropriate. So steal this concept for a lack of respect for the truth.

Milk protein is in fact a very good protein, a protein that we refer to good and bad, the key to see the human body can better absorb, digest and use it, we reason that milk protein is true, because of its amino acid composition and pattern of the human body needs very close, so it’s digestion, absorption and utilization is relatively high, the milk protein than rice, flour plant protein is superior, while meat and amino acid Gao Yu Beans Protein, milk protein is a very good source of protein, while a bag of milk protein not constitute excessive.

Point two: milk cause cancer without any basisOn the so-called milk cancer problem. This is usually the first forest of light, but his basis is from where? From Cornell University, Professor Campbell’s research, found a phenomenon in rats, with a large amount of casein protein incorporated Feed Fed rat, may enhance the carcinogenic aflatoxin effects in rats. So someone gave extension of a large number of not a lot, he cares, as long as there is a problem with protein. At the same clock that contain casein, so the milk will cause cancer.

First of all, we in terms of a general concept, the results from the mouse direct inference to the practice, and this is unreasonable. The second question, just that we speak of research, it’s the rat casein as the sole protein feed which, in other words it is almost not eat any other protein containing ingredients, which naturally in the human diet is almost impossible appears. Second, the original source, said the proliferation of cancer cells in mice that intake of casein “meet or exceed the growth rate of the body’s protein intake when necessary,” it could happen.

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