Many market research and consulting firm from a big number of consumer surveys and studies have drawn an alike conclusion: trend in the consumer grade, the company is not incapacitated, the brand will go a key factor. Those with eminent brand recognition and reputation of the company, will take this to bask a premium brand, and rapidly emanate to the fore.

5 20, the world authority of the originative economy research institute?? ICEC (World Creative Economy Research Center) denoted the World’s Top Ten 2008 list of innovative products: Haierkasa Timor French door refrigerator with on a “fantastic space” the simply chosen refrigerator brand. Also chosen comprise Lexus hybrid cars, such as Apple MacBookAir 9 other external notable brands. It is understood, ICEC The investigation endured several months, first in New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Beijing and other 12 major cities world-wide, through the survey from 2008, tens of thousands of products globally choose the most innovative product finalists and then the ICEC’s expert consultatory team, based on innovation index, happiness index, market index and the industry four finalists innovative products on the comprehensive evaluation index according to the level of the concluding to ascertain the top ten originative products.

6 months, the United States with the large circulation magazine “Reader’s Digest” published the 11th fashion

Home Products, “Trusted Brand” winner: the removal of Haier refrigerators refrigerator industry in Mainland China in 2009, “Trusted Brand” the high award?? White gold. “Reader’s Digest” and “White Gold” is 100 percent vote by consumers to birth, but awarded to the salient performance of the top brands, and the scores must surpass the scores of more than double the close competitor. This is same to the consumer to the Haier refrigerator presented “Trusted Brand”, the maximal award besides means that in China, Haier refrigerators level of trust among consumers is more than doubly the second. It is the second reelection Haier Refrigerator most trusted consumer champion.

The survey was dealt by world-far-famed market research agency is creditworthy for completion of Nelson. Investigation, including China, Malaysia, Thailand, 8 countries and regions. At the same time, this survey is grinded on the reliability and credibility of the brand, quality, value, understanding of consumer needs, innovation and societal responsibility to score the six core qualities, so accurately and truthfully reflects across Asia consumer trends and consumers the most dependable brand.

In the two used to be an outside brand “monopoly” of the awards appears in the Haier brand, reflecting the Haier innovation and consumer recognition from two dimensions derived outside recognition. Today in the economical downturn, which doubtless will do Haier in a favourable market position. Boston Consulting Group latterly in the “2009 Global Consumer Confidence Survey Report” states: brand is the consumer response to the tide of resistance to measures to trim spending, particularly in China, the brand is nonetheless one of the reasons consumer spending to order.

Omnicom Group’s day jointly
Advertisement Through the company recently in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Chongqing, Zhengzhou and other Chinese provinces 1000 24 15 to 45-year-old consumer survey, said: “We have witnessed the Chinese consumers prefer to buy less of the number of times, do not want to give up to buy their preferred brand of the kind of satisfaction. “The brand new role in family life. Moving from “at home will use the brand” to “improve the quality of family life, the brand.”

As the originator of Stephen planning. King said: “The product can be imitated by competitors, but the brand is unique; products easily out-dated, but successful brands can be enduring.” Philippine Grey Advertising President pointed out: as long as the brand to meet consumer demand, consumers trust the brand will advance with the times. Haier refrigerators have access to more than 2 times more than the second user trust, is undoubtedly its ability to meet the needs of the largest authorized users.

Haier refrigerator to reelection in Mainland China’s most trusted consumer brands, thanks to its 25 years has always been to meet customer needs and innovative capacity. Asia’s first four-star from the beginning refrigerator until the impact on the world’s Casa Imperial French door refrigerator products, behind every technology upgrade, Haier around user needs are carried out innovation and change. Haierkasa Timor French door refrigerator has just been the world on the creative economy research center (IECE) as 2008’s top ten innovative products affect the world one of its R & D process is a vivid interpretation of the Haier refrigerator is how to win China and the world consumption are trusted.

This original design for the European and American consumers to replace traditional open the door of the refrigerator is on how to enter China? According to Haier’s R & D personnel revealed: Chinese consumers began in 2002 on the use of traditional door refrigerator, refrigerator door sales on the year of only 1 million units until 2005, on the refrigerator door has been very slow growth rate . Meanwhile, the first use of traditional Chinese high-end of the open refrigerator group gradually discovered the drawbacks of this large refrigerator: This refrigerator Although a large volume, but not much room. Even the ordinary can be flat down, two refrigerators

Food In the tradition of the store door refrigerator it actually only on end. In this regard, although the Chinese consumers use of the short time the refrigerator door, but they have experience with European and American consumers will be able to tradition on the inadequacies of the refrigerator door.

Understand Chinese consumers and U.S. consumers of traditional common complaint on the refrigerator door, the last two years, Haier developed the Casa Imperial French door refrigerator on. This product in the market seven months later, the international counterparts have launched on imitation products. However, despite the international counterparts to launch a similar imitation of Haier refrigerators, but the penetration in French door refrigerator on the Haier behind adhere to the user value proposition of the service system can not be copied. Therefore, the Haier refrigerator will satisfy the user needs to end and as the beginning of the innovation.

Casa Imperial Italian 3 Haier refrigerators refrigerator is to meet customer needs and innovative another example. July 9, this sleek refrigerator in Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center, China International Consumer


Fair (SINOCES) on. These products are all finished in Italy design, manufacture, and then by way of imports into China for the first time. These highly favored by European consumers Italian three refrigerators Total Milan red, orange Venice, Turin, dark, white Sardinia, Rome, silver, and 5 different colors. Listed as a global synchronized fashion refrigerator, Haierkasa Royal Italian three refrigerators in the high-end department store BHV France

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