In addition, iTunes Music Store online music bookstore, added an unexampled Nike Sport Music section on the unexampled Web site too offers personal service, which can aid users to better experience the “Nike air max” brings sports experience.
“This new product is very good, both in the gym, or participate in formal training, I will listen to the rhythm of the music. Especially to participate in competition, I will be listening to music to relax.” Marathon world record holder Late Ke Leaf said.
Parker said: “We and the common pursuit of Apple is, relying on superior design and innovation, create new experience for the consumer to change the way people run, so that the process of running more wonderful.”
In this regard, Jobs said: “By working with Nike to take music and sport to a higher realm. Nike + iPod is like having a personal coach or training partner, in the exercise and encouraging cheer for you every moment. “
CEO of two companies believe that this cooperation is only the beginning of broader cooperation in the future. Although both sides have not made it clear that the next step of the product direction, but both suggested that the direction of future products will be full of imagination, and get a good commercial development.
Jobs said that participation in such cooperation is fun, especially before the technology for a no contact area. Consumers will also be attracted to such products. This makes our job seem more valuable. Park also said the same time, connecting two completely different products created by the potential is enormous.
In fact, Apple and Nike co-operation is not the first attempt. Before, iPod music players and Sony’s popular Walkman music player, is a good example, and air max 90 have also collaborated with Philips, Rio music player, tried to enter the field of digital music players.