Currently there are thousands of brands on the coatings market, but has influence throughout the country, and consumer full brand reputation is not much, according to media reports of assorted market data and analysis, can likewise inadequate-named companies good-cognized brand more than 30, including Nippon, Dulux, CR, Shi-Mei Tu, 3A greenish paint, Jiabao, 1000 color flower, Bauhinia, authoritative painting, Jiali, outstanding treasure paint, three trees and so on, each brand has its unequalled technological capabilities and innovative products.
    In dozens of brands, but also better persons, and can form from these brands over brand ranking, in order to give consumers buy paint a more specific guidelines, we cooperative the 2008, 2009, the latest data, and a variety of channels, statistics, inventory and a brief interpretation of the “2009 China Top Ten Brands Paint”, and for each brand gives a brief introduction.
    “China Top Ten Brands Paint” Interpretation of the total list: Nippon, Dulux, China Resources, the United States Tu Shi, 3A green paint, Carpoly, Bauhinia, elephants paint, paint a giraffe, a large value paint
    1, Nippon Paint (China swell-known marks, consumer confidence products, paint top ten brands)
    2 Dulux Paint (World mark, CCEL China environment label, paint top ten brands)
    3, CRC paint (China Famous Brand, China Top Brand, national high-tech enterprise, paint ten brands)
    4, Mei Tu Shi-coating (China Famous Brand, China Chemical strong enterprises, the Chinese architectural coatings Top Ten)
    5,3 A green paint (CCEL China environment label, Ten quality brand paint industry, paint top ten brands)
    6 Bauhinia Paint (China Brand, CCC and FDA certified products, paint ten brands)
    7, Carpoly paint (CCEL China environment label, the Chinese famous brand, top ten brand paint)
    8, elephants paint (China Famous Brand, China Top Brand, China Environment, 3C certification)
    9, giraffe paint (China Paint brand, noted in China, Guangdong famous mark, Chinese consumers trust brands)
    10, Great Treasure paint (CCEL China environment label, Guangdong Famous Trademark of Guangdong famous brand, paint top ten brand)
    1, Nippon (China Well-known trademarks, dark-green building product certification, China Top Ten Brands Paint)
    Nippon is the world’s leading paint manufacturer, was founded in 1883, more than 100 years of history. The last century in 1992, immediately Nippon Paint Group and their products into the Chinese market, and several mainland-owned enterprise set up to 2006 have 15 years. 15 years, say legislation from frets, from weak to strong, experienced the enlightenment of education, rapid growth, competition, rally, stages and other bottlenecks. According to relevant public information, to 2004, Nippon total annual output more than 3 billion yuan.
    Nippon (Nippon) Although the Japanese brand, but the operation of the legislation in China is from the Singapore state investment group set up immediately. Founded in 1963, immediately creditworthy for managing all operations in Southeast Asia region Nippon Paint activities, has set up 25 manufacturing plants and employs more than 6,000. Although Nippon immediately by Singapore investment group, in fact, did not leave the impact of Japan Nippon, Nippon a relatively strong domesticated Japanese corporate color.
    In the expansion, including Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, in Mandarin as the main language of the countries and regions, the market process, including the United States were gradually formed Li, Yong Li was a complete system, including the Chinese product name system Another elegant system was in Korea, spraying may Lai, wire in Korea and so on.

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