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??’ve Never seen so many problems? A modest these days, but got here. Buy a TV, the problem is so many. But do not worry, today, the collapse of Arab hearts to Him talk to you slowly. This article is rather long, with the good of the forbidden Fana!


?? “Other” and “liquid” the difference between

?? Plasma TV LCD TV is full or better? This problem is genuinely difficult to open. Why state that? As before looked open: LCD TV, plasma TV than open, and more progressed technology. At that time the plasma has not yet attained “eminent definition” received. But today seems to have not wholly the case. Let’s commence with from the principle of it! Having allow you cognize what the home TV.


?? Plasma

?? Called PDP TV Plasma TV, PDP is PlasmaDisplayPanel initials. Plasma display panel is actually meant. Image point, the composition of plasma is sandwiched by the 2 large glass of hundreds of thousands or even millions of small light bulbs to form a plasma screen. Like a large glass, dense regularly arranged on one side of these small pits matched, covered with a piece of glass after the other, here not to have become autonomous small bulb of the right space, and then charge on here, neon, xenon inert gas, in which the plasma tube with high voltage between the electrodes after the cause of small bulbs produce UV light in the inert gas, so that cerise, green and blue illumining-emitting phosphors in accordance with the procedures for the composition of the image. Of course we see a small light bulb these independent component images.

?? LCD

?? LCD TV, the name suggests is the use of liquid crystals for imaging. Actually, the liquid crystal itself does not light. It is only in the light blocking curtains Road in front of it, just like shutters. We can use the pass to control whether or not electricity to light through. A LCD screen tens of thousands or even millions of such small liquid crystal lattice, each lattice has a separate small circuit control, by controlling the opening and closing to form the image. In the liquid crystal layer is the background light behind the. Background light is usually a dedicated lamp and a backlight board composition, the brightness of light source directly determine the brightness of LCD TVs. In addition, the backlight brightness of the LCD TV’s own boot time is certain, will not change. Therefore, even if the performance of black, you can see the screen seems to be bright, and this is the reason backlight.


?? Plasma better or LCD better

?? The basis of these principles we can deduce that: Plasma TV certainly light uniform, low-quality LCD TV will not appear on both sides of the middle black light conditions. In addition, the brightness of LCD TVs will be higher than on the abilities of black and certainly stronger than the same level LCD TV. Because it’s dark out by the corresponding light bulb is reached, the LCD TV is blocked by the backlight of liquid crystal to achieve. Also the reaction rate faster than the LCD, will not smear. Compared to LCD TVs, the viewing angle from the principle of its terms will be greater. If placed in the home, its color is likely to feel more vibrant than LCD, in fact, is the brightness at play.

?? Similarly, under the principle of LCD TVs than plasma TVs of course, a single display unit is small (one unit of course LCD than a plasma light bulb is much smaller), so it has a higher resolution. In addition, it is certainly higher than the plasma light. Two plasma screen that we should stick with the large number of pounds of glass re-ah! 42-inch plasma, a strong young man are fixed lift, LCD contrast on the light more. In addition, energy conservation speaking, the liquid crystal lamp that 2-4 should be a little more than a million energy efficient light bulbs. Theoretically, the LCD screen is not touch that they do not knock basically not bad, its lamp life can reach 50,000 hours (8 hours per day can be 17 years or more) recently said to have had more than 60,000 hours life products. Close look at this thing should be more delicate than the plasma.

?? In addition, aforementioned before a large screen plasma Main (42-inch), a small screen LCD TV the main (32 inches). But now the 40-inch plasma does not do the following, but do the 65-inch LCD over. So now we say, buy a big flat as long as these two can be considered. But the living room light is usually stronger, need high brightness, high contrast product, so you can consider the plasma. Certainly in the living room watching television for more than 3 meters from the TV, you should not see plasma and LCD TV’s resolution of differences. However, there is no light in the bedroom as strong, distance is so close, I think LCD TV may be more appropriate for your critical eyes.


?? Buy big or small purchase

?? Say buy now or buy large small. In fact, the family size according to your viewing position to decide.

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