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< BR> HC Home Network News: See “Glanz”Three words, people will immediately pop out from my mind the other three words” microwave. “Zero, Galanz do own the world’s No. 1 brand microwave oven, can be the world’s first Chinese products not much company, Galanz writing a legend on the microwave oven.<BR> Galanz absolute advantage when occupying the global microwave oven market, Galanz again surprise move shocked the world: in 2000, Galanz spend 2 billion high-profile push into air-conditioning industry, in just a few years, Galanz air conditioning on the rapid trend to the rapid development of strong export the list into two. In China, Glanz air conditioning brand attention, also directly up to the fourth, rewritten third of the world air conditioning industry has long been the pattern.<BR> Particularly in the ups and downs of 2009, according to an authoritative survey agency data, Galanz air conditioningSellVolume soared 254%, Galanz air conditioning in the Beijing area sales jumped from 2,000 million to 150 million yuan, an increase of nearly 600%. It is reported that compared to last year, Galanz have higher growth over the highest growth of 2636%. Detection of the PRC, from the retail data Galanz sales in the three northeastern provinces have successfully entered the top three, in the channels, air conditioning and Tianjin, Hebei Glanz Glanz air conditioning has also successfully entered the top three. These data suggest that, Galanz to “Home on the situation later by” air-conditioning industry to become one of the brightest “star” and create eye-catching “Galanz air conditioning mode.”<BR> “Galanz air conditioning mode,” the origin of<BR> 2000, the Galanz into the home appliance industry, competition is also the fastest growing areas of the most brutal air-conditioning. Galanz air conditioning come from a 10-year development road of view, Glanz and embarked on a self-innovation and go beyond the road. From the first stainless steel luxury air-conditioned, to the self-developed light air conditioning technology; from a zeroFittingProcurement to assembly products, to have the core of supporting the world’s leading air-conditioning capacity; from the initial summary of workshop equipment, to an area of 3,000 acres of the development of ultra large-scale air base; from a cut high energy efficiency products to launch the uprising, announced the elimination of electric tiger out 345; from the firstEnergyReduction to the first announcement of an energy efficiency strategy,,,,,, Galanz these growing footprint in the air show industry’s outstanding.<BR> Glanz, general manager of air-conditioning machineHan WeiSaid: “We seize the opportunity!” This opportunity is strongly advocated in recent years, low-carbon economy and the countryAir conditioning energy efficiencyUpgrade opportunities. Galanz air conditioning sales company vice president Lvhai Jun explained: every air conditioner manufacturers have the urge to seize the opportunity, but not every business can occupy to this “head start.”<BR> Everything from high: the pursuit of high quality, cost-effective<BR> 21 century, the global air conditioning industry, increasing competition, on the one hand the growing global demand for customer differentiation, air conditioning companies have to provide more novel features, technology products to meet customer, product and manufacturing complexity costs may be increased; on the other hand, developed high labor and manufacturing costs, and China’s abundant, cheap labor resources the contrast, forced many multinationals to manufacture and market focus to shift to China, giving Chinese companies with to turn to open up the international market, makes China’s air conditioner market, competition has become more brutal.<BR> Galanz understand that to get the favor of global customers, we must break the routine, to the multitude of strong competition unique. So, Galanz identified a “everything from high” standards of entry, starting from the high-end, the pursuit of high quality, high cost. The principle beginning for the careefour, wal-mart, k-mart that mainstream channels of the world. Galanz want to be the strongest distribution capabilities of these have most stringent requirement for a company the best supplier partners, and through them to create greater customer base for the company. In principle, superior to those channels, cost-effective products is the key.

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