Jimo City, Qingdao Garment, is preparing to revitalize hair with the glory of Qingdao clothing. “Instant”, “Red Collar”, “a promise”, “good in”, “Snow over” and other clothing brands too numerous to mention, showing a star-studded’s “Jimo phenomenon.” Which followed the river such as the crucian carp is like thousands of private small and medium garment enterprises.
Interpretation of the development of garment industry Jimo mystery, Mayor Lee Kwan-side there is a fitting summary: “Jimo garment enterprises have gradually away of a simple exemplary of processing, or OEM and entered into cooperation with the international brand or own brand export path. “

At this year’s Qingdao International Fashion Week, Jimo City, apparel industry has once again become the focus of world attention, highlighting the “China knitting City” style of everyone. Jimo, a veritable “clothing brand city” is rapidly rising … …

Chu Shi brand to someone else to do the wedding dress from the beginning. Well-known brands at home and afield to Jimo a person to a racy lesson. Jimo City of textile and apparel industry began in the eighties of last century, developed in the mid to tardy eighties and nineties, is one of the fast growing local industry. Around 1983, some farmers took homegrown T-shirts, children’s clothing, tunic, the students laden goods into the South River ramp sits softly selling. As a result of “no objection, not repression, to glimpse the development of” policy, this stall the market turned and grew. In 1989, Heshan Road, Jimo, built a clothing sweeping market. Product radiation 21 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, more than 100,000 listed daily. In the market guide, Jimo City, emerged more than 120 professional knitted garment knitted villages and more than 1,000 clothing enterprises. Similarly, clothing, why not Shanghao clear their production cost? Brand, brand, or brand! How to do? A borrowed boat! Snow up to the Group every effort with South Korea, Japan and the United States and some of the good-cognized companies made a partnership, the initiative for “Pierre Cardin” and more than 10 good-known brands as “wedding dress”, last year’s sales revenue hit 150 million yuan.

OEM production, creating wealth! Santa Fe, Yee Wah, red spinning, Red Ni, Rui-Hua, Fu Silin, and other enterprises are all that passed. However, in the absence of intellectual property rights, production and processing side can only get 20% of the profits, while 80% of the profits pocketed by the brand owners. In recent years, Jimo City, rely on processing companies have a number of transformation, playing his own clothing brand.

Namely, the Group has also issued a “Adidas”, “Crocodile”, “Nike”, “POLO” and early international swollen-known brands to do processing trade. Since 2000 to cultivate their own “instant” marking, culminating in the knitwear with self-governing intellectual property rights, high-grade gloves, washing clothes and so on seven products. Last year, from Europe and the United States and Japan, three enterprises have also taken the initiative to play bit-part player for the fat to run. Bigger and stronger clothing required to sing one million people. Jimo City, from the industrial and commercial registration, tax collection, children in school, land acquisition, etc. to support encouragement; the establishment of administrative examination and approval service center and economic development of complaints center, with hard tools to transform the soft environment. Jimo City leaders to contact each medium and large garment enterprises, whenever an impermanent fiscal tight clothing enterprises, special attention will ultimately help the company weather the storm. , Qingdao Garment Industrial Park, Qingdao City Industrial Park, one of the top ten, the implementation of tax-free payments area policy. Enterprise In addition to taxes, other expenses paid by the management committee on behalf of the. More than 50 textile and garment enterprises have to go building “Garden in the Garden”, lengthening the garment industry chain. Well-known brands at home and abroad to Jimo a person to a lively lesson. Since then, Jimo City, apparel industry embarked on its possessing branding. Last year, the industry-wide sales revenue of 8.2 billion and exports worth 290 million U.S. dollars, steady, according to local one-third of full industrial output value.

Brand is a benefit that is competitive. Focus on the highly fashionable, brand, competitiveness, Jimo started the difficult but fruitful road of branding and marketing. Cultivate the brand, promoting brand, marketing, brand, Jimo City, garment enterprises Baxianguohai, recount. Jimo, a clothing brand group is sprung up everywhere! Red Collar Group invest 2.5 billion yuan, from Germany, Italy, Sweden introduced the world-class production equipment, annual output of 500,000 sets of high-end suits. Early last year, but also with the European prestigious German Pud group together to set up boutique production base of its outstanding urban casual brand Kalama into the Chinese market and began to walk more than one leg.

Endless innovation

Jimo city, capital, policy, information, technology and so on greater support efforts to continuously improve the brand’s scientific and technological content. Had successfully produced more than 50 scientific and technological enterprises, high-tech enterprises 17. Jifa Group invested a thousand million to establish a “Roucaud instant technical innovation center”, with more than a dozen research institutes and universities to establish a long-term technical cooperation, development of more than 300 new varieties each year. The “marine organisms of chitin fibers and knitwear,” won the National Scientific and Technological Progress Award.

Design is the soul of the brand dress, is to raise the named to value-added garments. Good in the company’s appointment of one of the world-wide’s five original designer Pierre Cardin suit Grosso Li Nuo Tela was the chief architect of the principal designer; an Italian FRANCORS Solutia Inc. hired long-time costume designer; Red Collar employed by the company world-renowned fashion craftsmen FimgRUND as technical director. The Qingdao Garment Schools is to cultivate professionals in the cradle of clothing. From 1987 to open and Clothing Sector, has to work across the province to train 300 senior apparel and clothing professionals 11000. In their hands, was born one after another clothing brand.

Spokesperson for the brand the best brand image and personality interpretations. Red Collar employ China’s chief Manhunt, film songs Hongxing Hu Bing, spokesperson for the brand, a promise to employ the image of the famous Italian brand VERSACER Manhunt REDIO former spokesperson for the brand, and in a good hunter, were in hand well-known singer Jiang Tao and Sun Yue. Almost at the same time, Red Collar Group VI image of the full import of the recognition system to give the brand identity to update the meaning and connotation. Jimo City, most of the clothing brand started from a single product, and gradually “fade” as a comprehensive brand. Red Collar from suit extended to casual clothing, handbags, leather goods and women’s and other products; a good thing by the shirts to suits, trousers and other direction for a variety of products to expand. A promise by the high-end apparel mainly to real estate, car sales, cosmetics and many other areas of expansion. Since 2000, Jimo City, implementation of the “brand strengthening the city” strategy. For access to national well-known trademarks, brand names and Qingdao in Shandong famous brand enterprises, respectively, reward one million yuan, 50 yuan, 200,000 yuan. At present, the city has 73 kinds of apparel products were awarded the title of famous brand above the provincial level, where the hair was “national well-known trademark” title, dao awarded “China Top Brand” title, Red Collar was “Chinese famous brand recognized,” the title of a promise and a good medium more than 20 products awarded “Shandong famous brand” and “Qingdao brand” title.

Effort to build international branding

Jimo clothing is facing new opportunities and challenges, but also started a new venture. Only the nation is the world. Only to the world, in order to better Everbright national brands. Jimo clothing covered with a vibrant, covered in energy, are making every effort to build international brands to start a new venture. Red Collar China Garment Association has been recognized as the most development potential in the next ten clothing brands. Adhering to the “sewing Department of friendship, so clothes do first person” entrepreneurial spirit, red collar, brand value surged to 60 million yuan. Early last year, becoming the 28th Olympic Games, the Chinese Olympic Committee partner, “Red Collar” suit has been designated for the Chinese sports delegation to private ceremony suits. Just a few years, a promise from the unknown to why a reputation? SUN Gong-Yan, head of a promise that many factors of our success, but the most important one is the emphasis on the credibility — “as good as gold.” At present, we have woven from the “vertical in the end, horizontal-to-edge” and comprehensive quality management system, is in full swing and striving for Chinese clothing brands.

Sail the international market, we must first get permits. Jimo continuous increase in the quality standards and accelerate with the international standards. At present, the city’s more than 800 companies have completed thousands of product standardization of registration, 21 enterprises passed the ISO9000 and ISO14000 system certificate. Red-Ni through ISO9000 certification, cotton suits and other kinds of products into the hundreds of Hong Kong and Southeast Asia. The size of the market share is a measure of whether or not a barometer of well-known international brand. Jifa Group in the U.S., Romania and other countries have posi