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1, DT-15P insect killing lamp established projection principle: the use of a progressed and pragmatic way of projecting light to lure insects pest control tool for the forcible. The light use of adult insects have a specific wavelength of light phototaxis potent, effective use of particular tenacious-life lamps to issue a specific wavelength of light, light to lure insects flutter adults, accompanied by semitransparent out tube crash screen, so that pests in-flight collision semitransparent screen into reflectors, and then slide along the reflectors to the collection bucket below, this can plop to lower field pests and eggs, compacted insect base, environmental pollution, reduction of instinctive enemies in the anti-, relatively secure to humans and animals, aid keep ecologic balance. The brilliant light control rain control performance, which mechanically twist away the light rain during the day and mechanically twist forth the lights.    2, installation methods and precautions: the company responsible for the training. Then the county plant protection station technician training and specific rural households tube lights, to all proficient in sidesplitting lamp structure, performance, will be installed, will use, and maintain proficiency. (See instructions)    3, use: DT-15P typewrite projection lamp to avoid killing the battery to maintain power, to change the previous way of killing lamp pull stack set, power consumption, easy and efficient. Concentration in the corn stalk stacks piled up the Village, around the straw stack, each cc-240 meters away from the installation of a lamp, this light water on the corn to kill adults, it will need to use a bucket of water add detergent, laundry the normal make of laundry powder by adding 50% more volume, the total make of water added to the overflow hole close to the bottom of the bucket can be. Other matters in the Prospectus.4, turn on the lights Time: According to the forecast of pupation and emergence progress of the investigation of adult light trap measured the growth and decline, when the corn borer, the peak of pupation and adult light detained for the beginning period, the adults began to turn on the light trap. Because the light is automatic, if manual control every illuminated on clock 9 pm to next morning.    5, organization method: the township government organizations need to focus all the Village of straw stacked for security lights, and must take the net field stubble, to ensure the control effect. Each light must be assigned to specific farmers, accrued the custody and charge lamps must be used with the signing of the contract farmers.6, safety precautions: (1) This lamp is fragile goods, in the installation, use, storage, transport, care should be noted, illuming to handle, gently, to avoid the bump. (2) lightning-prone areas in the use of the lights should be installed lightning protection devices to ensure that the lamp is not hit by lightning. (3) the use and storage should be placed in reach of small children in order to avoid outside. (4) Do not use the other battery to replace the lamp battery. (5) larvae in a special tube lamp, the lamp can not be used as indoor lighting. Otherwise, light trapping by the issue of long-term UV exposure, may cause skin and other injuries. (6) batteries in use during the period, the battery should be charged every day. Battery is not in use should be a pre-saturation charge, once every three months after the additional power. Outstanding issues, delighted see the instructions.

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