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Before creation,God was the simply light and life.Nothing else was.So,in whatever he has created,he has position his light and life.

As long as that life and that light is within us,we are dwelling,but the moment the lord withdraws that light,the life goes away of us and we jilt the body.In the beginning all souls came away of the father,simply as drops came away of the ocean.In the soul’s descent into the world,it was given the mind,the body and the senses as its servants through which to function in this world.But nowadays,insted of the soul reigning the servants,the servants and their deeds have become the ruler of the soul.It is dispiritedly and impotently bound and covered by unnumberable layers of darkness and filth so that it does not still know that the father exists,much less that it is part of Him.Man,in his present state,has degraded himself by indulging in the senses and commiting unholy deeds and atrocities that have positioned him sometimes yet below the status of an animal.We should be capable to glimpse the light of God within us.The light is there,but we do not glimpse it because of the darkness,the veil of ignorance or ego.when we near our eyes we glimpse nothing but darkness,and it is this darkness which stands between us and the vivid light of God. Extract from Radha Soami teachings.

The Masters have a mother and a father and come into this world in the same way as former human beings.But they are sent by God to guide certain souls back to him. So even though they have the human form,they are not subject to the will of the flesh nor to the dictates of the mind.

They are sent on a mission by God Himself and when that is fullfilled,they go back to Him.It is the master who enables us to walk onthe path,to hear the celestial music.

It is the master who enables us to regain our spiritual sight so that we may see that light within.The soul is immortal and can never be happy until it returns to its Source,the Father.That is what the masters do for us and therein lies their greatness.

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