Question by limegreengunfight: Interpreter?
I am fluent in four languages: English, German, Spanish, and Dutch, I can speak Russian almost fluently, and am learning Afrikaans, Xhosa, Chinese, and Japanese. I want to become an Interpreter and am going to be studying Arabic this fall semester.

I want to live in Beirut in the future and be an Interpreter there. Does anyone know if it is a job in high demand and if it would be smart for me to do it there?
Also, do you know how much Interpreters get paid and what a smart college major is for that job?
I cannot work for the UN because my fiancee is in Beirut and we want to live there to raise our kids in a Muslim environment.

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Answer by Pretty in Pink
That is a lot of languages! 10! Wow. I thought Afrikaans was a dialect of dutch? That should be easy then. But if you want to live in Lebanon, then you should stick with Arabic. It’s in high demand now. Chinese would be realistic along with Japanese, but those small country languages don’t seem as important other than to have a great resume.

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