Many people think that if they know at least two languages, they can work as translators and interpreters. But few people are aware that to become a successful interpreter, students learn hard to know the techniques of translation. The profession of an interpreter requires a lot of skills and constant self-development. Language is not constant; it changes every minute. And the task of interpreter is to feel and adjust to these changes. This article discusses the most useful skills interpreters should possess. Personality of the interpreter Here are some things a student should know before choosing a career of interpreter: 1.Like any other profession, the profession of interpreter is very stressful. 2.Interpreters should be impartial and neutral. Interpreters can be close to people who get the limelight but never get it themselves. 3.Interpreters can not afford to make even slightest mistake. Various international negotiations and business meetings can largely depend on interpreters who should be extremely careful. Interpreter’s professional skills The following is the most useful interpreter’s skills: 1.Interpreters should always be unbiased. The main role of interpreter is to communicate client’s thoughts in another language. Interpreter should never twist the message or colour the truth. He/she should never give advice or add some personal thoughts. 2.Alongside this, an interpreter should know not only languages but cultures of his/her clients. The role of interpreter is to become a link between two different world views. 3.One of the most important factors for interpreter’s success is his/her voice. Any interpreter should learn to speak confident and distinctly. 4.Another important factor is appearance. No one will trust a person who is wearing inappropriate clothes. 5.And finally, needless to say that interpreter’s career presupposes constant self-development. Reading more books, journals, expanding active vocabulary, learning new terminology helps immensely in career development.

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