I detected posts where people`s reactions construing body language were overrateded. Well, I desire to get concentrated on one aspect that I consider is one of the most crucial and that is facial expression

Probably the safest way to get an idea about all this would be taking classes at an acting school but this means money and time devouring, that is if you actually pull off to go through the closing tests

So this is not a method that I purport for construing body language. I do not desire you to appear at this as at mechanically imitated gestures taken from some videos from the internet, but as tangible acting, the nonrecreational kind. Not histrionic miming of a gesture that should typify a sure fingering, but actually finger that for real. It is truthful that you cannot get down from scratch and it is ok to make an image of yourself, but for interpreting body language you do not actually necessitate to search for videos tied in to this

And it is ok to start copying the style of your favorite actor and with whom you also would like to identify yourself. But retrieve that this is just the beginning and not the purpose in itself. There is not two congruent people, so there also isn`t two congruent body languages at two antithetic people (not even twins which are akin, but antithetic by personalities, at some point in childhood one takes charge).

You can copy someone, but up to a certain point. The idea is that construing body language and understanding what those gestures intend should lead you to evince the feeling that is the source for those gestures

You can seek to be with a girl that is mostly like your best friend`s girl, but you will soon detected that this is not you. It is actually average to finger pulled in to sure parts for some girl`s body language, but that does not intend that girl is acceptable for you. This is one of the most crucial things in construing body language. This is what I mean when I state it is ok for you to copy someone, but only up to a certain point

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