How You Respond As you have recently learned, one of your rights is to be responsible for how you perceive and report an experi ence. There are no hidden meanings in “The Life Changes 150 it’s not what you’re eating Scale.” The results are today’s snapshot of how you view your life to date, and what it means to you now. If you would like to discover where your important change fit with those of your family members, you may wish to copy this scale and give it to the important members of your family network to complete, then compare results with them at a later time. As you recall, the instructions reminded you, “Each question means exactly what each family member per ceives it to mean.” Some of the descriptors may seem a small strange at foremost. Perhaps you have never reasoned “passionate” as an adjective for “enemies.”


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But passion ate is a good synonym for “intense,” and generally, when we are busy assigning those feelings which we do not wish to own as the property of another, we become passion ately involved in that process of blaming. “Illnesses of choice” is another uncommon phrase. Few would acknowledge ever electing illness, yet none would deny that the day-to-day stress, fatigue, and improper nourishment with which we punish our physical body must undermine the immune system, and handicap it at best. The “Year” assigned in the blank to the left of each numbered item is a “best guess” as to the year that we linking with that item becoming important in our lives. Again, being exact is not significant. As always, your conscious judgmental mind has done its best to interfere with your response to each item. For those persons who have learned to be afraid of being responsible for their “Rights,” the words of cartoon character Pogo could not be more correct: “We have met the enemy, and they is us!” For this reason, you may want to wait a few days, and then complete “The Life Changes Scale” a second time; the results will be quite different if you lag your heart, and respond in writing to the first flash of a response that comes to your mind.

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