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Haipu Rui, once a little-known company; Li Li, Li Tan, a pair of average couples have. They played again because of the IPO can be made fat mythology, avid to recapture a spotlight at night to become the focus.

Recently, to be listed in Shenzhen small and medium enterprise board in Shenzhen City, Hai Purui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. set up A-share issue price in history: 148 yuan. The actual controller Li Li, Li Tanfu wife, also a result of combined 79.97 percent stake held by Hai Purui, 28,803.7 million, net worth up to 42.629 billion yuan, worth 39.6 billion yuan more than the head of Wang Chuanfu BYD, China’s Mainland The new richest man.

Li Li, Li Tan’s wealth, with 180 million pigs in the pig small intestine related to: Hai Purui main business of heparin sodium API ?? Is extracted from porcine intestinal mucosa heparin, processed into crude heparin, heparin sodium or calcium processed into raw material medicine, then the formation of heparin preparations, Li Li’s business in the 3rd intermediate links.

National 1 / 3 of the myth of intestine 42.6 billion achievementsRely on extracting heparin from pig intestine, made of heparin API, Shenzhen Hai Purui Pharmaceutical successful landing small plate. 148 yuan hit a historical issue price, even Haipu Rui actual controller?? Graduated from the Department of Chemistry, Sichuan University, Li Li, Li Tanfu women onto the new richest man in mainland China throne.

Under the new richest man in the ring, endless media voices of doubt, the most concentrated than Haipu Rui pig little intestine extraordinary demand. According to estimates, Hai Purui to expand capacity of intestine after the want to reach 250 million, equivalent to the total home pig small intestine 1 / 3. Hai Purui what basis can win so many pig small intestine? Journalists have launched an investigation.

Hai Purui main business is the heparin API, which is extracted from the porcine small intestinal heparin, processed into crude heparin, heparin, and then processed into raw material medicine, the ultimate form of heparin preparations (for cardiovascular disease, anti-blood Ning). Hai Purui first half of 2009 units of production capacity to 4 trillion, the annual estimate of about 8 trillion units of heparin in accordance with 100 million units in 2500 crude porcine small intestine needs calculation, the converted need 200 million equivalent of pig small intestine.

And the Hai Purui be and fund-raising 860 million yuan, will be launched new heparin API projecting, and fund-raising capacity after the expansion of the company will reach 10 trillion units, means that it will reach the demand of pig small intestine 250 million. This is a volume

what does? Chinese pigs to slaughter in 2009 is the total 609.6 million, equal to 1 / 3 of the total number of pig small intestine also went to Hai Purui.

Many investors and media have expressed doubts and concerns: by virtue of the power companies themselves, whether to buy a third of the country’s total output of pig small intestine? Hai Purui the country has hundreds of suppliers, list of suppliers are there every year considerable changes, these suppliers have business there are individuals, Hai Purui to how to ensure the quality of raw materials?

Little effect on the new U.S. standard heparin Export Upward trajectoryU.S. Pharmacopoeia Committee to ensure the quality and heparin to prevent potential contamination, decided to adopt new production of heparin control. Revised USP was October 1, 2009 Publication of the force.

It is understood that heparin products last year Pharmacopoeia standards amendments include heparin reference standard, a new method for the identification, titer determination of impurities in the implementation and additional testing, as well as units of heparin potency and consistency of the international unit. At the same time, heparin solution, human anti-thrombin, heparin, heparin calcium injection and heparin flush solution and the number of protamine sulfate and other content has been revised.

Once a point of view, the United States will be our new standard heparin, a big number of heparin exert tremendous coerce on manufacturers and will affect exports, China Medicine Health Products Import and Export Chamber of Commerce branch of the Secretary-General Qiao Haili denies.

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