Question by Candy: Is anyone a translator or interpreter? (Mainly translator) Is there any way I can work from home, translating?
Work from home on my own computer? Also, for freelance, do you have to have a translation certificate, or only for professional employment?

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Answer by Manuel
I’ve been a freelance translator for more than 10 years now, working from home. I do not have a translation certificate (I majored in History). Usually what counts is the quality of your work, not your academic curriculum. At least in Portugal, where I live and work. I started out writing to some publishing houses offering them my translation services; a few of them called me back for an interview and a translation “sample”. Some of those are still my clients today. As you go along, you gain experience, make other contacts, get more clients. Anyway, this has been my experience in Portugal as a literary translator (from English to Portuguese, my native tongue). I don’t know what area you’re interested in — for a more technical kind of translation work, maybe they’ll ask for a specific certificate.
Good luck!

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