Question by 下载 华军…what does this mean?: Is it better for a foreigner to become a translator or an environmentalist in Russia?
I’m still thinking which job is better. In Russia, there is more job as a translator but less pay. It is much harder to find jobs as an environmentalist but there is more pay.

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Answer by Arsan Lupin
Translators/interpreters are a dime a dozen – a sizable percentage of the Russian population can speak break English than you probably do. Environmentalists might get break pay, but they can’t get any life or health insurance because they are even less popular with the ruling oligarchy than journalists are. Both jobs (all jobs for that matter) pay very poorly compared to the same jobs in other countries. Depending on the area of residence, the standard of living for either job would be extremely poor compared to the same jobs in The West.Also, while a translator might get by on a bachelor’s degree, an environmentalist would need at least a masters degree in their field of study, before they would have any credibility in their field. Because of the immense difference in the cost of higher education between the two societies, Russian citizens (NOT residents!) can get this education for a tiny fraction of the same education in – say – an American state university. it would require both degrees be from one of the more prestigious (a.k.a. expensive) American universities, to effectively compete with the locals – for a salary you could get in the USA sorting boxing for Federal Express.Of course, before you can even start this process, you have to have (1) college tuition, fees, books, and probably room & board in the bank for 4-year undergraduate and 2-year graduate courses – figure roughly $ 250,000 (2) good decent grades in high school (3.5 GPA minimum) to get acknowledge to such a prestigious university. I know you are 16, but not what grade you are in, in high school – if any. How are your grades in high school so far? Have you taken the SAT yet? How are your SAT scores? Have you applied to any colleges yet? How are your savings for college? Do you have all you’ll need? If not, how many scholarships have you applied for? How many have accepted you? What student aid have you applied for, so far?Are you beginning to understand the reality of the situation?

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