Question by treehuggingveganhippy: Is it chiselling to use an online translator to observe your strange language homework?
As in, if one has already completed a written assignment then would it, in your opinion, be okay to check it by plugging it in online? Assuming that you had done it all alone and all. This has just been an issue that has come up in our french class before, and I was wondering what others thought. You know, since it’s fine to ask a family member to read over your work, but not okay to get the answers from the translator.And yes, I know that online translators are crap, I use them as a source of amusement myself! Garbled words are quite funny…I should mention that I am not considering doing this, I just want to hear what other people think, as geeky as that may sound. Thank you to everyone who’s answered so far, though!

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Answer by music123
i think it’s okay to CHECK it – as long as you did it yourself, honsetly, the first time. also – it’s homework .. it’s supposed to HELP you. it’s not a test or project or something. so if it’s helping you fix your mistakes then i think it’s perfectly fine.

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