The chief key to interpreting dreams has to do with tapping into and cultivating a deeper, clearer, and more existent relationship with that part of yourself named your higher self. A little background information: Most of your life you were promoted to disregard this part of yourself and alternatively go by society’s truths, rules and conventions. And because this part of yourself has stayed inactive (“asleep”), you need to actively do certain things in order to “awaken” it. (In a nutshell, this is what will cause “The Awakening.”)

Previously, I have shared that before I reconnected to my higher self, I was not at all good at remembering my dreams and I had a hard time interpreting them. (I would remember only perhaps the last part of a dream.) But after I felt a lot more connected to my higher self, my dreams became clearer, more vivid, and also, I could remember details about them that I considered quite relevant to what was happening in my life at the time.

The following is an example of a dream I had in 2005. I am including this dream here because it has some significance with respect to the time we are in right now (i.e. the skyrocketing of humanity’s evolution). The following dream is excerpted from my memoir:

“At the end of January 2005, I awakened from a dream where I was scrambling across a craggy landscape that looked like the aftermath of a mountain explosion. Large boulders and slabs lay all around me in disarray, as though they had fallen from the sky. Crevices wide enough to fall through stymied your path; you had to watch your every move. I was stepping through the wreckage, hopping from boulder to boulder, headed towards a city that looked like ancient Rome. When I entered the city through the front gates, I saw lions living among the people. Lions loitered in the courtyards, on the piazzas and the verandas. The people hummed about the city guardedly–quite understandable, given that you could never be sure what a lion might do. I too walked around feeling guarded, and slipped away to a safe place while still going about my normal business. I was with a Hispanic woman. She had been stopped for questioning at one of the city’s checkpoints–a common thing. And as I was waiting for her, I awakened from my dream.

After I recorded this dream into my journal, it occurred to me that the people had learned to live with the lions; the two had coexisted. And perhaps after a few generations, it became the only way they knew how to live. They had learned how to walk, what to do, what to feed the lions. They went about their daily business taking certain precautions and thus, were relatively safe. And then, the lions did not seem so much like lions anymore. They mostly lazed around, swishing their tails.”–End of excerpt.

Years ago, I interpreted my dream to mean that I had a handle on things, and that I was to keep going with my mission while “coexisting” with my fears. Today (six years later), I see an additional pregnant in this dream: that I have learned my lessons and have learned to coexist with my biggest fears to the point where they no longer scare me or block me from doing what I am here to do. My fears have been transformed. In fact, what I discovered is that my biggest fears turned unwrapped to be the catalysts that allowed me to discover my unique contribution toward this important time in humanity’s history.

It is obvious to me that this is the next step in humanity’s evolution. I also understand that even though the events we will go through the next several months leading up to 2012 will be extremely challenging, complete time our fears will no longer have the hold they have had on us. We will have learned how to deal with them. We will have learned our biggest lessons, discovered our greatest gifts, transformed the world, and by that time we will be more than ready to experience a whole unexampled global. Your dreams (and learning to interpret them) are an important part of this experience.

Written by pagman13