During the last years the amount of freelance websites, sites on which freelancers offer their services, grew enormous and constantly. On sites like oDesk or getaFreelancer you can find many providers who offer their services. Many of them also offer their services as translators. But if you look at the huge supply on freelance translators the question for the risks in hiring them quickly jumps in one’s mind.

Unfortunately risks can be found at any market segment where supply and demand meets each other. Many of those freelance providers want to leave as winner of a specific project and represent themselves more qualified and skilled as they actually are. Especially when it comes to translations you really should pay attention!

There are many “black sheep” in this scene which try to win a specific project by dumping the prices to a level that, unfortunately makes buyers to decide giving the job to them. Then some of them are so perky and delegate the translation job to automated online translation services like the Google Translator. These services can translate your document within a few seconds with only one mouseclick but the quality of the translation makes your toenails cock up.

Another, not less important point of risk is reliability. Reliability can not be achieved by the previous mentioned method. Of course, the purchaser got his translation done but in such a bad quality that he needs to give away the order to another translator. The purchaser lost valuable time and even not rarely money just because of the unreliability of the freelance translator.

This essential point of “lost time” should also not to be sniffed at. Just imagine the purchaser expects and counts on the translations to be done at a specific date. He planned to launch a new website and can not start due to the translated content is not available…

In a nutshell the risks when hiring freelancers are al least as high as in other market segments.

The main risks are:

lack of quality

lack of reliability

Loss of time and money

If you always remind these risks before hiring a freelancer you have a big advantage compared to those which don’t even think about these points. It will be an easy for you to indicate the “black sheep” and sort out the really professional translators.

Tips to reduce risks

To not become a victim of those black sheeps you always should keep the following points in mind before hiring a freelancer.

Don’t be confused when there are cheap offers!

At first sight, it seems pretty cheap to choose a freelancer that only wants very small money but at least after reading this, you should know why it isn’t in the end.

Require a test translation!

No need for a translation of a 100 pages eBook as a test but only 20-30 lines can help you pretty much to sort out good from bad freelance translators.

Always request interim results!

This is pretty important for you to see if the job will be done in the demanded time-frame. You can easily foresee if there could be problems and have enough time to re-organize things.

Written by medusawrite

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