Question by Apathetically Yours, VM: Is there one leading interpretation of quantum mechanics?
Which interpretation do you choose and why?Also, do scientists do by QM as an accomplished theory or one with parts pretermiting?

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Answer by jean-de-la-lune
QM needs no interpretation. It tells you how Nature works and how to foretell it, and that is the most that can be inquired from a technological theory. Admittedly, it can be completely counter-intuitive at times, but this is generally the consequence of inquiring hollow questions (which do not come out hollow at all at first sight) as for example, when you inquire about a particle far away from the other one with which it has been set in an entangled state. So asking for a leading interpretation among scientists is like asking for a leading goes beyond the limits of science, even if non locality is totally fought back to our informal experience

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