If you are someone who wishes to delve into Japanese translation, then you will need to know that there are 4 scripts which are used nowadays in the modern Japanese language. So, whenever you will decide to take on it, you will need to choose a translator who will be very proficient in Japanese and also in English, given the fact that you are an American wanting to learn Japanese.
When it comes to Kanji, you should know that even if these are extensively used in Japanese, they are of Chinese origins. For inflectional endings of verbs & adjectives, the Japanese people use Hiragana. It is basically phonetic sillabary. But it is not used solely for that, it can also be used for some Japanese words which in their consistency, miss the kanji. When it comes to Katakana, the Japanese are mostly using it when they will need to write words that are not of Japanese origins. Ramaji is used only for acronyms and it consists of roman characters.
There are many situations when someone will need to have some names of different places translated or maybe names of companies, and in some of these cases there will be no use of Ramaji. In this case, the one who will engage into the Japanese translation will have to take great care. He will have to make sure that the translated words will not end up sounding negative or having no meaning. The pronunciation of the words that are to be translated is also vital and if the one who will translate them will not be aware of it, he will not be able to have the words translated at a phonetic level.
There are a lot of professionals out there and agencies that will deal with offering translation services, so if you need one, there are plenty of options to choose from.